MP3 File names



why when recording mp3 files to a cd, does the name change on the longer files? for cataloging purposes, i use the artist, album, track name and number when i label my mp3s, but i don't like the file name being chopped. besides changing the way i label them, is there anything to be done?


in a program like Feurio you have many options to add extra info to a song
it even has it own catalogue to catalogue your music on genre, artist etc.


i am using eac with razorlame to make the mp3. then, i use nero to make a data disc to store them. nero then lists the few long filenames that need to be changed because of the joliet standards. is that common for all progs like nero? (the renaming part)


i know you can change it…so it keeps the long file names…mmm
can not remeber how i did it…never used it again…

do some test with the options on a cdrw


joliet standard allows for something like 32 characters. i’m not sure what you can do otherwise, besides experiment.


Maybe the UDF-filesystem will solve your problem. It supports large filenames, and can be read under Win98/2k/XP.
You can generate it with mkisofs, which is included in cd-record. Once the iso file is created, you can record it with Cdrwin or Nero to your disc.

RockRidge is also a good filesystem, but not supported under Win9x, because it’s a linux filesystem. If you use it, you’ll need IsoBuster to access your disc under MS operating systems.