Mp3 file format not supported in Nero?

I have recently installed a new dvd rewriter on my cumpter (Liteon) and after doing so I tried to burn a audio cd.
Everything apart from one major problem
When I am trying to drag and drop the files from my iTunes library into the burning playlist, the following message comes up

Cannot process file *************************
Reason: The file format is not supported.

I don’t know why
Does anyone know how to change the file format supports on Nero, or does anyone know why this is happening and how I can change this.


Is it protected AAC (.m4p)? I think the only think you could burn that with would be iTunes.

no its a bog standard mp3.
i recently put in a new dvd drive and it stopped working after that
just wondering if that was the problem
its works with a few mp3s
but others wont add

its not an mp4 nor is it protected

New drive?

Is your Nero version bundled?

Nero does support mp3, but if you want to enconde mp3 you have to get the mp3Pro plug-in - that’s not free of charge.

But if you want just to copy the file (you say drag & drop) without extracting it to be reencoded you may be able to do it.

Nero full versions use to come with a trial of the plug-in that you can use for 20/30 times (not sure about the exact figure).