Mp3 encoding speed.MusicMatch vs others



This is just a general question about MusicMatch 7.5 as I have no experience with it.
I installed it for my sister for her iPOD and ripped some CDs to MP3s.
What I noticed right away is the encoding speed compared to Lame, Nero’s Fraunhofer, was quite a bit faster.
I see a lot of mp3s are burned with MusicMatch but have never liked the size of it.
Does anyone have knowledge about this? If it is THAT much faster, is it known to be crummy quality encoder?
What encoder does MusicMatch use? Their own brew?

I even used Lame and Nero on the same computer to proove it out and the MusicMatch, was almost twice as fast for the same settings.

Hope one of you mp3 experts knows about this subject.



i duno bout the rest - but a lot of the options u pass into the encoder make a difference. for vbr lame, which i use, lame has to analyze the frame to see what bitrate to use, and then encode it. fraunhoffers is not optimized - i believe there is a version that is, has a 10% performance gain or thereabouts.


Thanks for the answer.
Since I was so taken by the speed increase I made sure that I had the same settings for all three.
I just used a standard:
CBR,128, medium quality or speed.
And the MusicMatch came out quite fast.
I don’t think it is a BAD encoder and again, I see a lot of mp3’s encoded with it.
I just wondered what was the REAL story…
Thanks and maybe more will respond that know about the details.