MP3 Encoding - Over 224Kbit

Ran into something interesting. I had recorded several cassette tapes and re-mastered the music using Cool Edit 2000. When I saved the tracks, saved at 320Kbit.

With all of the remastering and work done to clean up the tracks, they came out great. But…when burned to a CD, the audio quality stunk. I recall seeing a post somewhere that MP3’s encoded over 224 don’t burn well (i.e. producing audio that is distorted, clicks, pops, overmodulated).

I converted them to WMA format and did a test burn - sounded great.

Question - is my observation above true - that is, essentially save MP3 tracks at under 224Kbit?

I’ve burnt some of those 300+ kbps MP3s with Nero, and they worked fine. If your not using Nero, then I think its just the internal MP3 decoder is flawed. Or if u do have Nero, make sure you got the newest version. (Last Official Release), (Leaked), or (New Official Release, NOT Leaked Beta).

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@ One Old Jedi

Use Lame 3.90.2 or 3.92 to encode your MP3s, “–alt-preset insane” command line if you have to use MP3. Then, burn them using Feurio for example. Nero’s decoder has a lot of flaws :frowning: I don’t know if the newest version of Nero is ok to decode MP3s, or not.