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I was wondering if anyone can tell me what’s a good MP3 encoder program. I hear that Fraunhofer encoders are the best, so what program can I get that uses the Fraunhofer encoder?

I have Cakewalk Pro 9, but the program is a little bit much in terms of fuctionality and complexity. Is there a program like Audiocatalyst 2.1 in terms of fuctionality and ease that uses the Fraunhofer encoder?

Oh, if yes, where can I find it?


Try WinDAC, its easy to find and a crack can also easy be found using
The Frauenhofer plugin must be installed next to WinDAC, you can select then in WinDAC the option: Save as mp3 using Frauenhofer codec. If you can’t easily find the codec, i used to have it somewhere, guess i can mail it to you… Let me know if you’re interested!

Greetz Scorpion


or you can go for the divX;-) codec
they should include the radium optimized fhg codec…


Where can I get this Fraunhofer encoder?
And is this really better then the one I use?! (Audiocat.)


The Fraunhofer encoders are definitely better from what I’ve heard and read about them. You can check this link for a review of some MP3 encoders:

I’ll take a look for them Scorpion, I’ll email you if I can’t find the plugin.


Oke Bane, i’ve found the codec back. Here’s where to get: in the mp3 section. U can use it with Audiograbber too, also available at the that address. Some info about it:
z$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
J$` 4$
$F If you’re into making MP3s you probably know what this is. Nine months 4$
$F ago we released the first version of this codec. Now we proudly give 4$
$F birth to the second. 4$
$F 4$
$F Basicly, this codec allows you to encode MP3s using external programs 4$
$F like SoundForge, CoolEdit, Acid, Audiograbber, Wavelab and many more. 4$
$F Features : Same high quality as Opticom Producer and Audioactive MP3, 4$
$F upper rates of 320, 256, 224, 192, 160, & 128kBit/s, normal or HQ mode, 4$
$F 5% to 12% speed increase over Opticom Producer (HQ modes), selectable 4$
$F Stereo and Joint Stereo modes and full compatibility with Win 95/98/NT. 4$
$F 4$
$F New from v1.063 > v1.263 4$
$F Support for more bitrates (320 & 224 kBit/s), Improved Codec control 4$
$F panel and user selectable Joint Stereo/Stereo modes for each bitrate. 4$
$F 4$
$F Opinions : Opticom Producer Pro and Audioactive have proven to have the 4$
$F best sound quality for Mp3 encoding - and this codec is exactly the same 4$
$F as those two in that aspect. However, those encoders have no selectable 4$
$F stereo modes (which can sometimes cause flanging.) With this addition, 4$
$F the Radium codec has become more flexible for all types of MP3 encoding. 4$
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Thankz for that nfo Radium!



Thanks for the post Scorpion


You’re welcome…


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