Mp3 edit program

Does somebody know were i can download a program to edit an mp3??
I need 2 cut a part away. :slight_smile:


perhapse you could use the search button?

I found GoldWave - - to be pretty useful.

CoolEdit 2 - - is good too.

If you only want to ‘cut parts away’ MP3 direct cut - - may be just the thing you want.

Have to add on to Expert Tech’s recommendation of going to the following web site.

There is a gem of a product that I use all of the time called mp3DirectCut 1.23 (just upgraded).
Unlike Goldwave and Cooledit2, this one is totally free !!.

The best part for me is that it does not have to decode to do the edits, then encode again like Goldwave and most of the others.
Therefore, there is no loss of quality, like I used to get from Goldwave when I would split CDs up.

There are some editing functions like normalization and it used Lame. I have to admit that I have not used those functions, I just want the MP3 file to sound the same !!