Mp3 dvd

is there a way top put my mp3’s on dvd
and then play it on a stand alone player

i’ve tried it with nero but no luck

Number One,you have to add your mp3’s in Data Mode and depending on the length of each Mp3,you can between 800
to 900 on one DVD. NumberTwo,you’d have to make sure that your dvd player accepts mp3 dvd playback. Now this can most certainly be done with Winamp on a PC with a DVD-rom. But on a standalone,most can just play CD mp3 not DVD Mp3 but things are rapidly changing. I’m waiting for a DVD player with the capability with what you asked for ,and
a shuffle mode…:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I got a Hiteker AD700 with a hacked firmware and it has features like u said bout mp3’s on dvd and it plays it automatically

This firmware also works on other dvd players listed

more info found here