Mp3 download

I have two audio files made from an audio cassette tape, saved as an mp3 from Sonic
Foundry’s audio application. Properties indicates 21mbs of data from each. The
download for burning indicates 90 minutes of time, obviously far more data than the mp3
indicates. Why is the data added to be burned showing more mgs than the mp3
compression format ? Please advise

The burning software name might help.
My best guess is you are trying to burn a Audio CD with thes .mp3 files.
If so this will covert them in the process to .wav files whict will show .cda pointers on the finished CD like other CD’s
If your player can play .mp3’s form a data disc that is the way you want to burn them .
Either way you should burn more than two .mp3’s.
Probably 10 to 20 depending on size to an Audio CD & a whole lot more if you can plat a data CD.

Yeah, as cholla is hinting, if burning a standard Audio CD, it’s the ‘running time’ of the tracks that matter not the file size…
So ~74-80 min on typical 700mb CD…

True it’s the “running time” of the song but longer “running time” = larger file size & vice versa.

[QUOTE=cholla;2549755]True it’s the “running time” of the song but longer “running time” = larger file size & vice versa.[/QUOTE]

Well yeah :doh:…However lets see, you can have a 2 hr flick in say AVI format@ `700mb size and the same 2hr flick converted to DVD specs with a final result of ~4GB for example…So your point is moot(IMO) when burning a standard AUDIO CD on 700mb disc, unless of course if burning a DATA CD…It’s the running time [B]not[/B] the file size when burning a standard(redbook Audio CD on 700mb disc, period…BUT I get what you’re getting at here, with the “but” in your reply…:wink: