Mp3 disc NOT in alphabetical order

I have nero 7 Premium and have tried many times re-arranging (dragging them up and down the list in nero) the songs to get them to burn in the order i want and every time they come out in alphabetical order.

Is there some other software (free of course) that I could do this with pls. Any help appreciated.

Place numbers in front of the song title

01 - Song Title A
02 - Song Title B


Now if you are segregating albums

Name your folders

01 - Album Name

then within the folder name your tracks

01 - Song Title A
02 - Song Title B


02 Album Name

01 - Song Title A
02 - Song Title B


Doing this will have no bearing on the ID tags for the specific tracks but will allow Nero to burn your songs in the correct order that you wish them to be.


This may also be useful.

You can edit the tags, and also the file names here. Some parts of the labelling tasks can be done as a batch…for example, by selecting the whole album and filling in the album title, or sequence numbers (01, 02, 03 …etc).
You can also get lots of info from online databases.
When you get to know all the features…it makes life much easier.

many thanks. i already figured this is how I would have to do it but its really annoying just the same. Thought there might have been an easier way. Thanks all the same.

In ImgBurn (freeware software), you can specify the file list order, so this is worth a try. For this to work, you need to have or prepare a single source folder containing the full set of songs you plan burning:

[li]In ImgBurn, Click “Write files/folders to disc”
[/li][li]Go into Tools menu, into “Settings”, then into “Build” tab
[/li][li]Tick the option “Sort Files By Source List Order”, click ‘OK’
[/li][li]Drag the entire source MP3 folder into the ImgBurn ‘Source’ field.
[/li][li]Go to the Labels tab on the right and enter a label.
[/li][li]Insert a blank CD-R and click the ‘Build’ button.

Note that if you place two or more folders on the CD-R or select MP3s from multiple source folders, this will break the alphabetical order, at least in ImgBurn.

Fantastic!!! Thanks Sean. Will give it a go.