MP3/DeCSS/Software Piracy Solution



I just posted the article MP3/DeCSS/Software Piracy Solution.

From PRNewswire, a newly formed Dallas company will be unveiling this week at the SXSW 2000 Film/Interactive/Music Tradeshow in Austin, TX, its patented solution to the widespread…

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hehe …

havn’t we heard this load of bullcrap many times before ?

i look forward to the protected stuff, and the cracks and/or universal cracks that will follow shortly after.

then these lamers can kiss my shiny metal ass :slight_smile:

just an opinion! :stuck_out_tongue:


Your ass is metal?


just a line from Futurama :wink:


I agree with nrd, we’ve heard this way to many times to even be affected by it… The Pirates will overcome! As they always have!


Heard more of those…cracked more of those…


impossible… there is no sutch word in the net…


Hey! every protection will be sooner or later destroyed…
Ok, in my opinion some are quite hard, just a few can defeat them! and let’s hope this people do there work well! :smiley:


Heh, DIVX anyone??


Fuck DivX my computer is too slooow – k6-2 350. Is anyone else experiencing frame drops on a 350 running a DivX file?


wtf is divx ?

some kind of asf-like movie format … ?

regards nrd


Bwahahahahah D.O.A. - just who do they think is gonna purchase their $30.00 USB dongle to play a game they already spent $50.00 on heheh - uncrackable? heheh - just bypass so-called USB key and voila (idiots)


Actually…DIVX is that goofy ass DVD format where you buy the movie, and pay everytime you want to watch it…now…long dead, as will most other money grubbing attempts by companies. Come on…how reasonable does their protection sound?? I for one will still be ripping my mp3’s…mp3 in it’s pure unprotected form will not die off.