Mp3 databasing programs - advice and help needed


i have a few mp3 discs, and it’d be great to somehow organize them. there are a handful programs out there that create databases of mp3 from removable media (i.e. cds).

i’ve downloaded a few of the programs, and i was wondering if anyone else has tried out a few of the mp3 database programs out there. i’ve tried a few: Dapyx MP3 Explorer, MCenter, Advanced MP3 Manager and MP3 Collector.

i have to say that i’m not satified with any of the programs. each program has some great ideas but each one is missing out on something that others have.

dapyx is by far the best program i’ve tried. it allows you to organize by volume, genre, artist and has a great search function; however, it will only recognize the disc from the cd player i read the data (if you read the disc from your d: drive, it won’t recogize it in your e: drive. other programs don’t have this problem). also, it’s hell trying to change the data in the database; you have to have the disc insert in order to edit the data and the program might not even change the data in the database.

MCenter is alright. Although it lists the volume label in a strange way, it has something good in the fact that when the disc is inserted, those files are in a different color. the downside is that it only uses it’s own internal mp3 player and it’s hard to change the individual data in the database.

Advanced MP3 Manager is a bit better. It adds the files fast, but it won’t show all the files in the entire database but only the ones on a specific volume (i.e. cd). it does edit the database much easier than the others, but it won’t rename things in batches and it doesn’t always work. MP3 Collector is just plain confusing and not user friendly.

with all the programs, it is horrible trying to change the information in the database. let’s say you have a few “beatles” and a few “the beatles” – it’d be nice to give them all the same name in the database, right? most of the programs want to change the id3 tags of the file instead of merely changing the data in the database.

maybe someone hear on the forum has had better luck with looking at mp3 database programs. it’d be great to find a program like dapyx with all the bugs worked out. maybe there’s some program right under my nose.

any help would be appreciated.

Really you did not like mp3 collector? I have not tried but I do have their cd collector which I actually bought! I know it is easy when you have the name problem ( multiple names for same band) It happens with cds as well. Maybe you should try it again. I have also recomended it to a friend to get their movie database and he loved it and bought as well. I think I’ll try out the others you mentioned as well