MP3 Data Disk Playback Question

Just got a JVC KDSX980 MP3 capable cd player and was hoping someone here could help with a problem I’m having.
Normal music discs and CDR audio discs play fine (with MP3s or WMAs) but when I burn the converted MP3s as a data disk (CDR & CDRW), they skip constantly while playing in the JVC whether I’m moving or not. They sound fine while playing back on the PC. I’m currently using the Prassi Primo CD software that came with the burner. I’ve read elsewhere where others have had the same problems with various units but haven’t found any possible solutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your mp3-player skips while playing real mp3’s (mp3 recorded as data on cdrom)? And it doesn’t skip while playing audio cds? And the mp3 data cd you recorded doesn’t skip while playing at the pc?

I would say your mp3 player is defect.

I have a LG DV4721P CD/DVD player and I have exactly the same problem with mp3 discs. I’ve tried burning with different software (Nero, PSXcopy, plextools) and different modes (mode 1, mode 2, DAO, TAO, DAO/96) and nothing seems to cure it. I have a plextor 40/12/40TU writer; writing at 16X CAV on Datalife Plus media seems to give the lowest skips.
All the CD’s I’ve burnt give NO errors when checked with Nero CDspeed surface scan or plextools scan.
Although DAO/96 with Nero sometimes gives a write error in the middle of the CD - rendering it a coaster. So I won’t use that again.

Time to email LG and see what they’ve got to say about it.

Apart from all that, it plays DVD’s flawlessly.


I know this has been said many times in many places here(and elsewhere on the net) but nobody said anything about what speed they wrote… Try slowing down to 8x…Yes, 8x! It works every time for me and quite a lot of other people.

Writing at 12x, 16x or above gave me discs unplayable in all 3 players at my place - RioVolt SP100(one of the earlier ones) and a cheap sinagpore player, and a Samsung with a 5-year guarantee!-

Try it again…please?