Mp3/Data Cd's

So i have been trying to make an Mp3/ Data cd for my car. My car stereo does support Mp3 and wma files and everything. When i create new cd’s and try and play them only a few of the songs will play. The cd when i put it in says there are the correct number of folders and files but will only play some. Any ideas? Should i use a different program or something? I have tried both on Itunes and on Nero. Basically my car will only play a few of the songs on the cd. I have checked the format of the songs and they are all Mp3. Thanks


Hi and Welcome!

please read the manual of your car stereo about the requirements for a mp3 disc that can be perfectly handled.
I had to learn this also :wink:

Another problem source might be the discs you are using, together with the burner. Maybe lowering the burn speed (recommendation: half of the max speed) will help.


It isn’t the car stereo because after checking the Cd on the computer it only displays the songs that will play on the stereo. I have tried lowering the Burn Speed as well. Makes no difference.

Hmm :confused:
Then possibly the blank media you are using might be the culprit. Try other blanks.