MP3 creator speaks out, never meant to pirate music



I just posted the article MP3 creator speaks out, never meant to pirate music.

Crabbyappleton used our news submit to tell us
that one of the inventors of the MP3 format, Karlheinz Brandenburg has
said he never had thought MP3 would become so popular and…

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My sympathy is also with the artists, however I cannot say the same for the record labels/companies. I also agree with the statement regarding all music being free. I dont think it should be for the simple reason that the artists need a form of income, otherwise why bother making music? I realise that record labels/companies get a fair amount of profit from a high selling album and I believe that they should lower their pay and transfer the money over to the artist. Maybe in an ideal world… However, I buy what I enjoy, and fortunatly Im enjoying more and more quality music. :slight_smile:


Any minute now we’ll have a bunch of mindless posts about much should be free. On that note, let’s move to a country that still practices Communism. So far it’s failed for everybody who’s tried it but when it applies to technology, somehow “it’s gonna work”. Gimme a break. PS: In case you didn’t get it, I was agreeing with everything the post had to say.
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If this guy is so concerned why does he license it out, to everybody… Cause of $. BMG owns Napster & doesn’t Sony belong to the RIAA, they don’t mind releasing products (mp3 players) that will 100% for sure carry downloaded music. And why… Cause of $ Ethics only come into play when your the guy losing the lead.:c


People should have easier access to food," he says. "They should be able to eat it wherever they are and still pay for it. My sympathy is always with the farmers and even with the grocery stores. They should get paid for the work they do. “I don?t like the starving families idea that all food should be free to everybody.” Communism doesn’t work. Things like that can never work because people are too greedy. People always want more then they need and aren’t happy until they have what they want. It’s funny though if you think about it. Money doesn’t give you the ability to buy something you couldn’t before. It puts a limit on you. That’s why money is there, to tell you how much stuff you have permission to have. So when your boss pays you shit, he’s telling you, your not allowed to have as much stuff as someone else. If we just worked for free we could all make a lot more stuff because our boss could have a whole lot more emplyoees and then we could all have a lot more stuff because more stuff could be made. But people don’t understand that way of life. For some reason their brain just does not function unless this paper with green ink is being passed around. Which in the end actually limits what we can have. We’d have more crap without money.
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