MP3 creator develops 300-400 speaker True 3D sound system

I just posted the article MP3 creator develops 300-400 speaker True 3D sound system.

 Just when one thought a 5.1 high end speaker system sound is as good as  it goes with surround sound, these do have a few drawbacks:  First, the surround sound effect is only  optimum at a...
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What is so shocking? He put so many speakers that the sound will come from any direction. This is no solution. It is a waste of money. What was he thinking?

I agree that it is a big waste of money. But couldn´t it be awsome to listen to the system showing some kind of sci-fi movie in the middle of Central Park…? :o

Yeah and what would the misses say when she see’s her newly re-designed front room…?

What a punk who tries to steal people’s money!

I’m sure Bill Gates will have one of these soon…

This thing is f**king useless. Headphones are much better