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Anybody knows how to create a single MP3 from an album? Sometimes contain separate tracks, but al the songs are mixed so on the original cd there’s no pause between songs.
I’m using MusicMatch to create MP3’s. Does anybody have clue on this one?


What i do if something is one completemix just remove the 2seconds between the audio files no idea how 2 make 1 big audio file sorry…


Where do you remove the 2 seconds? When creating the MP3 or when playing?


You must convert your mp3 into wav, and than use a wav-file editor to edit it to delete
or add those 2 seconds.
Those proggies can be found on


If its one complete wave/track try using Soundforge 4.5 and save the continuous track back out as seperate wave files. I do it and it works fine.

Good luck macs


I use Cool Edit Pro to record LP sides to one large .wav, then use Audiograbber to convert to MP3.


Hi there,

Maybe I know a solution but it’s a long one.
First, rip the audiotracks to your harddrive
using Xing AudioCatalyst or something.

Make sure that you have WaveLab installed
and then open the first track in WaveLab.

Open the 2nd track and cut and paste it at
the end of track 1.

Open the 3rd track and cut and paste it at
the end of the 2nd track (that has been pasted at the end of the 1st track) etc.
(it is tricky though)

When you’re finished doing this, save the
file and you will see that will have one
very big file.

Use MPlifier to convert this .wav file to
a mp3 file.

Simple, ain’t it ???

Good luck,

Tha Sentinel

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