MP3 creation & burning (newbie alert)

I’m pretty new to mp3s and CD burning.

I have been using RealJukebox 2 Plus as a ripper/player, and I’ve been happy with the quality (I use VBR 192 Kbps setting).

What I plan to do is record a concert from satellite using the line-in of my SB Live! Value card and subsequently burn it to audio CD. I have burned audio CD s from mp3s in the past using Easy CD Creator.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I notice that some ppl here use rather complex-sounding software. Would I really notice much of a difference if I moved to using other software/codecs etc.?

  2. Is the quality produced by RealJukebox 2 Plus not very good (I’ve not seen it mentioned here)?

  3. If I record the concert as one big mp3 file, is there a way of introducing track markers when burning it as an audio CD?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.


  1. I can’t hear the difference, some say they do though. EAC with LAME encoder is supposed to be very good (read more on main page)

  2. don’t know the program, but it can’t be that bad

  3. you can do it with making a cue sheet and burn it with for example CDRWin of Fireburner. You can use the search to find more about this subject, it has been dealt with several times (both in English as well as in Dutch)

Why do you want to record it first to mp3 and then create a audio cd of it.
If the broadcast from the sattelite is digital I would recommend you record it just as wav files.
I don’t know what you call complex sound recording software, but as far as i am concerned i think the cooleditpro is a good and easy recording tool (you just can put cuemarks on the points of the music file and create then wav (or mp3’s) from between the cue’s)
Succes with the concert

Thanks for the assistance, folks.