Mp3 corrupt or something else?

About last week i started noticing problems with my mp3s. after playing some of them i noticed that some would skip or have big cracks in them. when i ripped/downloaded them i made sure all of them were skip-free or i would delete them then. so why are my mp3s just now becoming corrupt? can i make them skip-free again? could it be my soundcard (soundMAX integrated digital audio) or could it be my player (windows media player 10). i’ve ran spybot, tempcleaner, regcleaner, disk cleanup, disk defragmenter, and my panda anti-virus software, yet nothing seems out of the ordinary. could it be a virus? i really don’t know what do to, so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

You shouldn’t be downloading mp3s, unless of course you own the CD and this was your way to obtain a backup copy.

It could be a number of things including a hardware issue (RAM) if the system is experincing a heavy load. It could be a virus but I highly doubt it.

I don’t think anything has changed in your MP3 files.
You can check if they are corrupt with EncSpot or Feurio.

firstly, play one mp3 a few times thru WMP. If the gaps are in the exact same places every time, then it’s unlikely to be other software or hardware conflicts during playback.
next,try playing the files thru a different media player (eg mediamonkey, winamp). If there are still gaps and they are still in exactly the same places then it could be that your mp3’s are corrupted.
Have you had any other random file errors whilst using the PC which could indicate a failing hard drive?

okay, so i installed my Winamp and played the mp3s ive been having trouble with and they still skipped, in the same places each time. i then downloaded EncSpotbasic2 and scanned all the mp3s ive been having trouble with. i right clicked a song and went to details and this came up…


128 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 100.0%

Type : mpeg 1 layer III
Bitrate : 128
Mode : stereo
Frequency : 44100 Hz
Frames : 5868
Length : 00:02:33
Av. Reservoir : 430
Emphasis : none
Scalefac : 7.7%
Bad Last Frame : no
Encoder : Lame 3.91
Lame Header : No

–[ EncSpot 2.0 ]–[ ]–

not really sure what all that means so if anyone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated. and no i have only had problems with mp3 files, and again its only some of them, not all.
thanks for your time

If some mp3’s are playing perfectly then it’s unlikely to be any problem with your setup. I can’t help u with the EncSpot details as I don’t use it, but it does look like some of your mp3’s have unfortunately become corrupted.

To me it looks like badly ripped CDs, so the MP3s have the same skips and pops like these rips and are not “damaged” as such - they are just encoded from a crappy source. If an MP3 is damaged, you can usually see it as a “sync error”. Just double click on a file in Encspot, and in the new window popping up there should be information about possible sync errors.

I have the same problem, not only do they skip in Media Player, but on my Cowon x5, in Winamp, in JetAudio Player, and in these application on all three of my computers!!!

May the Music gods help us!!!

My problem started, or at least I noticed it after using mp3gain.exe which I used based off of a review on

In my opinion explanations can be 2:

  1. a bad ripped CD

  2. a very fragged hard disc with many processes running on system

If initially they played fine, probably data became corrupted, so check your HD with scandisc (and a virus scan).