Mp3 convert to dvd audio?

o.k. this is my first post here so thanks to this site for giving me a place to ask my dvd/cd questions.

i have an indash car dvd/cd player. the problem is it doesnt play mp3 dvd’s just mp3 cd’s. given that it does play dvd movies i have to assume if i could convert my mp3’s to the dvd format and somehow organize the albums into say chapters then i should be able to get it to play my music on a dvd. any if you happen to have an answer to this could you tell me if it possible then to maybe put random video for the background of my music. i hope this makes sense. please let me know if i need to give more information and thanks for your help.

fyi i have or can obtain any software needed to make this happen i just dont know where to start.


thanks i will check that out.

o.k. that will work but it is a very unique program. is there a way to do this with conventional software such as nero, roxio, ImTOO, etc. just curious because if there is not i guess i will have to buy this software. thanks.

stick to mp3 cds - currently all the dvd-audio creating apps are total junkware and not worth 2 cents

well i actually got the full version of the software above and it is incredible. i made a dvd audio disc that played on my indash and it held 36 albums with all of them available to pick from on the title screen and all the id tags were perfect and they played perfect. that software is a must if your stereo plays dvd video but not dvd audio disc. i highly recommend it. i already made my own title and album play backgrounds and there is nothing like having 40 hours af music on 1 disc.

thanks asid!

oh pluuuuuueeeease ! the menu quality is appalling !
if you must, try Apollo Audio DVD Creator v1.1.3 or later.

ok i wil try that as well. i was able to get the other 1 for free so i will see if i can get this as well. i hadnt tried any other but i was really happy with that 1 so if this 1 is better that would be great. thanks for the tip.

do you know how i would go about making a dvd with say pics or videos on it but that would play my music. it would be nice to have some cool background(s) going while listening to my music. maybe like a dvd of the geatest sports moments but somehow replace the sound with my own soundtrack? thanks for you help.

Quote from the Audio dvd creator page.
Please note: Audio DVD should not be confused with DVD-Audio, for which you need a special player and discs!
In order to render a disk like that, with pictures etc… you need Wave lab 5 or comparable to create a true DVD-Audio disk. But those disks cannot be played unless the player specifically says “DVD-Audio”

that is the problem with my stereo it does not play dvd audio. however the audio dvd creator worked well to alow me to burn and play a dvd full of my mp’3s. i realize it converted it but i dont care what it converted it to i was just happy i was able to get a dvd full of music to play on my stereo. are you saying that that it will not be possible for me to make a dvd that played the music just like it is doing now but add some sort of video or pics to it. i just thought it might be possible to somehow create a new disc with my pic or video choice and my music or maybe take an existing dvd and somehow overwrite or replace the audio with my audio.

You could create a avi or mpeg of clips or whatever. Add your own audio track and then convert it to dvd.

thanks i will look into instruction on that. i appreciate your help.

Look here
for tutorials :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


well thanks for your help on this but i decided to just return that stereo for 1 that plays dvd audio.