MP3 co-creator seeks smarter MP3 players

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A dumb (read useless) MP3 player that requires ongoing subscription to an online service, and a permanent internet connection.

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but mobile phone reception here is quite sketchy, even some areas in the capital cities, and I can imagine users dismay when their playlists stop working due to connection dropouts.

I generally listen to music on my iphone when I’m not at home, not at work, and not in an internet cafe. That’s pretty much everywhere with a decent wifi connection.

So, in other words an unwalled itunes p2p standard… woah-- ya think?

We ALL KNOW this what SHOULD have happened… but Microsoft didn’t have the BALLS to do it in the ZUNE HD product because the content makers would have been all over them like flies on “APPLE”, nevertheless this would be nice to have a way of getting devices to play nice w/ one another & not worry about drm. Still, many CHEAP devices sync via USB… so, unless your inventing a usb-to wifi adapter to make this work, alot of these cheap sub-10$ products will need a tecnology face lift to wifi (802.11n please b/c 4gb takes a LONG TIME via 802.11g)