MP3 checker - is there one that works?

Is there a program about that can check for any errors on mp3 files?

Over the last few months I Used Audiograbber to grab selected tracks from my cd’s.

Then used MP3 encoder to mpeg them.

Once I had a couple of cd’s full of my favourite mpeg music decided to burn a few of the songs.

Did one cd no problems, did another one and on some tracks there was hissing, crackling etc.

Checked my mpeg cd and found some errors - obviously problem either grabbing them or encoding them.

Re did them again and no problem.

My mate suggested a program called Ashampoo Check & Convert which would pick out any problems like this as it is meant to check the mpeg files.

Tried this program and was not impressed.

Analysed an error free cd and this program (Ashampoo) found 10 mpeg songs with errors. Listened to each song and all were perfect. No errors.

Decided to test mpeg cd that had caused me the errors before and guess what? Program said no errors at all on any tracks.

Conclusion - Program is crap.

Anyone else got any decent programs I can try.

Timmy 4

Check out EncSpot from
Also, when you load a mp3 file into Feurio, it will tell you if the file is out of synch.


Will Give It A Try