MP3 celebrates its 10th anniversary and still going strong

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 Even though  most people have only heard of MP3 in the past few years, in fact the MP3 now  celebrates its 10th anniversary.  This time 10 years ago, Fraunhofer  Institute for Integrated...
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That’s GREAT! I remember ol’ WinPlay3! Ahhh, the memories. I got my first mp3 somewhere around 1995-1996 so 10th anniversary sounds about right. I think I was using either a 486 dx/2 66 or a pentium 200. Pretty speedy back in those days. :slight_smile:

Fisrt time I heard about mp3 was a buddy told me about napster way back before it got so popular. I was using a Pentium 133mhz laptop back then. Wow that was a long time ago. Happy birthday mp3!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :slight_smile: I remember that program too :stuck_out_tongue: lol. I still remember trying to find a good encoder program - I used Fraunhofer’s advanced one, and one I found released by some warez group. Back then it was such an endevour to find and work out what encoder to use because so many were really bad. Finding a good ripper was hard work too and for ages I used Audiograbber which was considered to be the best. My first mp3 track was a single puff daddy track dedicated to the Notorious BIG and I remember thinking what a stupid idea, these things eat up your hard drive space so fast (remember back then a 1Gb drive was considered massive) and I didn’t think they would ever take off. In fact for ages I just had one or two mp3s and that was it. I guess I wasn’t a visionary for sure cause I was convinced it would never take off for the first year then BOOM I woke up and saw the light. Now I have 13,000+ tracks lol :stuck_out_tongue: God bless the mp3, God curse DRM.

Following down the trail of memory lane, I remeber searching metacrawler for mp3s, in the pre-google days. Mp3’s were found on webpages, ftp, irc or hotline. The best ftp search engine for mp3s was Aaah them’s were the days when no one cared about mp3s being shared on the web

In 1991 I was working in a CD-Only music store (revolutionary at the time) near Redmond… One evening an MS employee came in and as I was ringing up his order, he started musing about how in less than 20 years, he would be able to come in to a store with a memory chip and get any album put onto it… I was so sure the guy was a crackpot!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Winplay was one of my first players, too! Even used DOS cmdline-player, for less CPU (under OS/2). Correction to your article: 486 DX4/100 was enough for full quality, if you used decent PCI-soundcard (used less CPU). We had serious troubles with ISA-soundcards, even with early Pentiums (60-90MHz). Started encoding late 1995 with Fraunhofers cmdline-encoder, burned my first mp3-cd at the beginning of 1996. I’m not collector, so I have only around 10.000 MP3’s. Maybe 70-80% of those encoded by mself, and all from original CD’s. I even registered my Winamp 0.9-version, mailed money & extras to Justin by traditional mail;)

I remember loading Internet Explorer 4.0 Beta. When you installed that you got the .wav format as MPEG 2 Layer 3. I spent an entire night converting one particular song into many mpeg waves trying each & every possible kbps/bit rate. I listened & compared the eventual size of the file & made notes. You had to change the extension to .mp3 manually. But I was looking for a way to send my music through the dial-up e-mail as an attachment. …Then I got the very first RIO mp3 player available. I still have it. The transfer of files was made through a parallel port. I used a program something like mp3play.exe. It had an equalizer built in. All the conversion was done using Windows Sound Recorder vack then. Today, Lame has brought mp3 to a truly fun experience much like the 45 r.p.m. record was & is for me.