? mp3 >>>> cd?



Can somebody help me to burn mp3 files on a disk that can be used as a normal cd???


Hi, use Winamp (its freeware) to write the mp3 as WAV to your disk, thats all…


Get Adapted Easy CD Creator 4.0 Deluxe, this supports direct writing of Mp3 to Cda
Or get Feurio, same thing


Or use NERO, it also directly writes mp3’s to cd as wav’s.



Hey all.
Well…the progs you suggest are good but personaly i prefer a prog called ,mp3 cd maker. It is realy good and stable. I have used it to burn over 12 disks…no probs at all. get it at http://www.cdrsoft.net



but if you burn mp3 files as cda files they are big like wav files! i think he wants to know how to burn as mp3 files so that you can use the cd with over 100 tracks!
if you burn in nero (or others) as data (mp3) you can play them with winamp

c ya surfin


Well, it’s a little ambiguous what you actually want to know.

so i’ll say both.

To write the mp3’s to cd so you can use them like an audio cd, in a car audio cd player, or any other audio cd player follow the follwoing directions.

In winamp’s preferences, ensure that the output plugin is winamps DISCWRITER plugin.
Then make sure that when you play them that you don’t have shufle and repeat on.
Check that the total (at th bottom of the playlist) is less than 74minutes (for 74min cdr)
Then let it play.

Then use NERO’s AUDIO cd compilation and drag an drop the wav files onto the compilation.

Whallah , Your audio cd.

If however you just want to back them up and play them as MP3’s only on your computer, use nero’s data cd compilation and drag and drop them , then burn it.


I also use MP3CDmaker and have found it well worth the 30 registration fee. The demo only copies four songs

I have burned at least 25 CDs with it and have had no problems.

On the other hand Adapatec Easy CD Creator iiis an easier interface so I tried it when it came out and probably had to throw away three out of dozen CDs due to the music skipping and stuttering. This should not happen on my system:

S&F 4Rx4RW
192mb RAM
30gb 7200 RPM 2mb cache HDD
PIII 450 @ 527
Abit 440bx mobo

So I scrapped CD 4.0, went back to 3 or 3.5 (forget which) and use MP3CDMaker


I agree Mp3cdMaker, seems to be the best alternative… other methods suggested require large amount of disk space and produce an output whiches quality, is rather low… direct writting is the go… GAuN