MP3-cd witch cue-sheet

OK, this is my first post here, hopefully it’s possible:

Can I burn a MP3-cd (several livesets) wih a cue-sheet. I mean, you can burn an audio-cd whith a cue-sheet to skip through your tracklist… is this also possible for MP3-cds?

When recording an Audio CD, particularily a disc-at-once, the audio tracks on the CD are continuous. The table of contents of the CD tells the CD player where each song song starts and ends. If you are playing the CD straight through, the player starts at the beginning and works its way to the end position of the last track.

With an MP3 CD, the tracks are actually files, just like that on of any other data CD. When you pop one of these into an MP3 player, it reads the table of contents to find out the names and location of each MP3 track as well as the file size. When one MP3 comes to an end, the player will go to the next MP3 in its list, seek to that location and start playing. This means that if you have a continuous live recording of a concert, etc. as a single MP3, the only way you can put in starting point markers is to actually split the MP3 up into a number of smaller MP3s; one for each song. The one catch with this is that MP3 players pause a few seconds between each MP3 in order to seek the next song, so a splitting a continuous MP3 into a number of smaller tracks will result in gaps each time you hear a song come to an end.

These is a utility called DirectCut, which can split a long continuous MP3 into smaller MP3s. This utility doesn’t decode or re-encode MP3s, so the quality will remain the same after performing any operations.

Ok, thnx for your reply, but al the things you just said, i already knew.

I also tought that it was impossible.