Mp3/cd quality



Wondering if there is a quality loss when for exampel making a 256 kbps to a wav cd track.
Than making the original wav file to another wav copy.

Meaning, as you turn a wave file to mp3 file there is a quality and size loss. But if you then make the mp3 to wave (cd) file again is there a loss?, or is the not used info in the mp3 dycrypted again?


If I’m reading you correctly, this is what happens. Keep in mind I’m no expert. When you create an mp3 it throws out info not needed in order to compress. When you burn to a CD that mp3 file is turned into a CD compatible format with no quality loss. But, if you were to take that mp3 file an re-encode it to wav & then re-re-encode it to mp3 or any other lossy format there would be a significant loss. I’ not sure this answers your question, but I hope it cleared it up a bit.


Ok, if I got you right. You mean creating a mp3 file, it throws out info not needed in order to compress. This info not needed to the mp3 file, is the quasion I was making. Wondering if this not needed info is regained again, (if the mp3 file has stored it, compressed the info in some corner) when turning the mp3 back to wav format (cd file) again?
Will then the wav file have the same quality as the original cd file where it came from?


Okay, I got you now. The quick answer to that would be no. That is why it is always better to do a 1 to 1 copy of a CD. If you don’t have 2 CD reader/writers on your computer than it is best to download from CD to computer using a lossless format & than copy that file to a CD. This takes up way to much HD space to fit most people’s needs though. Hence, compression to save on space. So it is always best to use a good quality encoder. To be assured that it is taking out stuff that really isn’t needed & leaving in the good stuff. I like to think of it this way. When you watch a movie that is playing at say…36 frames per second. You’re conscience mind really only see’s 16 frames per second. So ideally you can take out as much as 20 frames per second & your conscience mind will not see a difference. The same holds true for music. The human ear can only pick up on a certain amount of info & music has way over what we could possibly pick up on. This is probably way more info than what you wanted, but that is it in a nutshell.


I always tought making wav files of cd albums and then making a cd of them was a lossless format (wav)?

I use CDex for this. Also heard that that using different apps like EAC and PlexTools tend to make a difference of the sound quality of the wav source. Note that this two apps are completey new for me, haven’t used them.

I tought getting wav into your harddisk was the original source no matter what software transfering them into wav.

Also is there some way to store the original gap between tracks as I manually view it and then enter it when turning the wav files in Nero into cd.