MP3 CD Maker v1.30 released



I just posted the article MP3 CD Maker v1.30 released….

Source: MP3 CD Maker

What’s new:

  • Now the MP3 CD Maker supports over 700 CDR/W drives.
  • Now you can easily change the “language skin” to Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Japanese,…
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A nice skin with CDFREAKS ON IT…I’ll start immediatly.


well… languages and CDR support apart, nothing new i see. Am i wrong?


any body got the fucking serial for this great program???


hahaha, I see there already is an “Antwerp” translation of this program.
Make your own translation in Swahili and you get a serial for free.
Also the keygens from older versions seem to work as well.


LabelFlash works like a charm but performance wise the 7173S is bad…Needs 19 minutes to burn a Full DVD-R at 8xspeed while the Plextor 750A needs less than 9 minutes at 8xSpeed. ( havent tried 16xspeeds since i dont trust speeds above 8x )


well, is there any difference between NEC AD 7173 A with this model NEC AD 7173 S ? please some one answer me …i need it


7173 S is the S-ATA version.