MP3 CD is jumpy in car stereo

Hello, I have just bought a Pioneer DEH-3000MP car stereo and I am trying to burn an MP3 CD for it.

I have created one in Nero 8 by selecting New -> CD Rom (ISO) and adding about 10 folders of music which just fits. I then tried the disc in the car and the first 2 or 3 folders play perfectly and then after that all the other folders play but the tracks skip every few seconds and some times it makes that digital scratch sound.

I have tried using different cds and I have tried burning at DAO and TAO and still no difference. The car stereo plays audio cds fine.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be really gratefull.


Use BURRRN, burn slower, 16x or 24x, use good media.

Scratching sounds usually means the disc is scratched as well.
Can your car stero handle both CBR and VBR mp3 files?

lukehollingworth;If you have a settop DVD player that will play Mp3 try it & see if it has the same problem.
You could also check out the Mp3 files on your computer listening for any scratch sounds if you get them then a with a program like Audacity you can edit out scratchs usually the removal is undetectable.
How many MB’s is your finished disc?If it is an oversized CD -R it is possible
your new car stereo can’t handle that .So you might want to try a smaller CD -R.It could also be some kind of copy protection still in the Mp3’s you made backup copies of.
Here is the method I was taught for doing this kind of disc.I didn’t put this in the instructions because you might not have it but I run AnyDVD when I do this.
I prefer DAO so I wait until I have about 8 to 10 albums totaling 700MB or a little less.
You can create them as you have time then when you have enough do the burn.
EAC(Exact Audio Copy)
EAC pulldown
Drive options.
Extraction Method tab:
Select: Secure mode with following drive features.
Leave both checked.
EAC options
Command line arguement needed. When setting up EAC.
Filename tab: %N _ %T
The spaces make the songs display better.
freeb/Database options
freedb tab Need to put in your email address & select the "Get active freedb server list"
You need internet connection for EAC to work.
Database pulldown : Get CD information from Remote freedb
Locates the CD in web data base in EAC it auto names files.
Action tab: Detect Gaps Analyzes
Check mark to append gaps to previous track.
Edit pulldown: Select all
copy tracks uncompressed to a temp folder.
close EAC
Then create group name folder then album name folder for each CD.
There are some other settings in all the options you may want to set that will be specific to your burner drive.

Next with dbpoweramp
From the temp folder
Compress to 192kb MP3 with DMC dbpoweramp with Mp3(lame).Advanced options \constant bitrate.
I use 192kb & would not use less.
Put in album name folder.

with Mp3tag v2.40
Use tagger convert id3 tags
Edit pulldown\select all
Tag Sources pulldown\ first freedb then if no album art then freedb again.
Make sure the group & albumn name is like you want it in the tag source window before you OK it.
Also there will usually be several options choose the one closest to your album.Then verify with the songs& album art.
Ok the tag.If it’s not like you want just do it again with another selection.
close tagger

Burnaware Home Addition or Any burner capable of burning mulitple folders to create standard data disc .
Add group folders
use burner no multisession & DAO
So it should be burned as a data disc & the ISO setting should be ISO9660 + Jolliet If your cd burner lets you make that
If you need further explanation I will try to give it .I was only recently taught this.