MP3 CD/DVD will play but not start

Strange as it may seem, my MP3 CD/DVD`s will play, but not start.
Autostart that is.
Using Nero 7.2 / XP / NEC2500A.
Have tested all kinds of software and discs.
The result are the same; when i burn WAV files, my standalone dvd/cd player
(denon 2910) will automaticlly start playback when the discs are inserted.
(this also goes for various other dvd and cd players i have tested)
When i burn a MP3 CD/DVD, the dvd/cd player will not auto start.
When i push “play” it starts. After the last track is finished, the dvd player stops (as expected).
If i then push “play” a WAV disc will start from the beginning of the first track,
but a MP3 disc will start from the beginning of the last track on the disc.
This my not be biggest of problems, but i find it a bit annoying.
Have i missed out somewhere ?
Any ideas ?

My DVD player, a Pioneer, will not play MP3 DVDs without a playlist. Fortunately Roxio creator classic does this , as does Acoustica MP3 burner.