Mp3 cd data and pause between tracks in play mode

Is there a way in this world to avoid pause between tracks when i play a mp3 data disk???
i mean, if i burn audio cd it is easy, you can select 0 pause between songs…all done…
but when making a mp3 data disk, which is playable with complian cd player (for example car stereo player), i get a pause when the player change song…
it is possible to create a single mp3 file for each album…but in this case how can i get an index for each song of the album???

This behaviour is part of the mp3 specification because of data ranges at the end a/o the beginning of a file (esp. vbr-encoded files).
There is no automatic tool that you can rely on and that I have heard of with the exception of foobar2000 ( This programme allows you to select the files you want and to create an audio cd via right-click and “Write Audio CD”. The gaps are almost inaudible if you don’t know where they are :-). Quite handy and sufficient for most users.
The second way, the most secure one, is a bit more complicated. Decode the files to .wav format and edit the complete audio cd project in a track editor. Feurio is your friend.

If you use Exact Audio Copy to rip and encode the CDs you can have it remove the track gaps. This might help speed up file access, but I haven’t really tried, so I don’t know.

Won’t help very much because the track gaps are not the problem here. It’s the data sectors of the mp3 files.

the cd is a data cd
not an audio cd
with audio cd no problem…the are loads of sound editor
but i do with data iso cd, full of mp3 files…that are playable with some players…

The problem lies in the player. It is obviously not of a type sophisticated enough to begin buffering the next track before it finishes the current one.