MP3 CD Burner 1.091

I just posted the article MP3 CD Burner 1.091.

Yesterday Acoustica released a new version of their MP3 cd burner software. Last version we reported about was v1.06.

Bulleted Features:Burn custom audio CDs from MP3s, WAVs or existing play…

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I was waiting for that 80 min support :stuck_out_tongue:

ahahahahahaha haaaaah … as if anyone would use this --> :r … oh well some people do :wink: just kiddin … but ill stick to nero -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

It does support 80 min cd’s. :d Go to the “CD session” then “Destination Cd format & lenght” Take a loke around - will yo’.

virus perhaps if you take the time to read what this program is capable of, u would not react this way

I suggest that the author of this program check out the feature in Sound Forge called Normilization using RMS instead of peak mode. What it does is it normalizes the RMS Db level to -12 db & then uses Dynamic Compression for any value over 0 Db using a smooth 200ms attack & release time. It really makes for a smoother “radio-style” sound when combining many audio files on one cdr. Another feature should be that a crossfade can occur with the last song fading out but the new song starting without a fade in. Right now you can only go to 1 sec fade in. Radio stations fade the ending song & crossfade the new song in except they use a hard entrance of the new song - fading in a song is not that pleasing. Other than that - this is an excellent program. I hope the author reads these postings :slight_smile:

Let me make one correction to my prior posting up above: I think the “fade times” as an option should also include “millisecond settings” thereby providing an extremely quick fade-in possiblity to keep things smooth yet not cut off the first few micro moments of a song. Thanx.

stvastva, My name is Ronnie, I am currently working for Acoustica, the developer of MP3 CD Burner. We really like hearing from consumers and we greatly appreciate suggestions! I will certainly look into and pass on your suggestions regarding the Normalization as well as the “millisecond” fading to the developers. Regarding the “fading” feature, you can currently set the fader to increments of “tenths” (example: 0.2 or 4.6 etc.) with other decimals rounding off to the nearest tenth. To do this, you have to type in a number: just highlight the field and type the specified amount of time. Also, if you’d like to hear certain fading samples using different fading times or have any other suggestions or questions feel free to post another message and I’ll be sure to get back to you (or send an email to )! Best Regards, Ronnie -Acoustica

Stvastva, Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it. I intend to have better normalization using dynamic compression. As to the fading issue, I will add a a feature to optionally fade in the second track. Here’s how I think I’ll do it. I’ll update the fade window to : Overlap tracks by [ X seconds ] Fade out tracks by [ X seconds] Fade in tracks by [X seconds] In this way, you could set the “fade in” to 0 seconds. The enhanced RMS normalization will take a little longer, but the fading feature should be in there pretty soon. Best Regards, -Joseph