Mp3 CD -best solution?

When I installed a new stereo in my car I looked forward to burnin Mp3 Cds. Lots of music, no need to change the disc so often! :clap: My problem is that the playback order is decided based on the filename? How am I supposed to get those damned Mp3 files on the disc played back in the order I want them to? Copying the files in a separate folder and then rename them before burning is not really a good way… :frowning:

The best solution for me would have been a winamp plugin that copies the file to a choosen folder, volume leveling them and renaming them with their playlist position number first in the filename - then I could just use Nero to burn it out. Haven’t been able to find anything like this though. Have tried Nero’s MP3cd function, as welll as Musicmatch and Creative Jukebox, but isnt at all happy with any of them. :sad:

Any help on this one would really be appreciated.

I think with EAC you can customise the file names all you like.

If the file name is prefixed with a track number, would that do it. Something like Tag&Rename is very handy for that.

Alternatively, there is MP3BR Imager:

Most of the car and portable mp3 players say that songs will always be played in alphabetical order. But our tests show that in most head units they are played in the order they are saved on CD’s. MP3BR Imager lets you organize folders and files in a customized order.

Just stick a 3 digit number in front or each track like:


and so on.

Thanks, Never_Again! That was just what I needed!