MP3 Car Hifi

Does anyone know a manufacturer of MP3 players for in the car ?

I’m looking for a CAR-Hifi Mp3 player.

(Must be distributed in the Netherlands)
Wouldn’t that be great ? A 40GB harddisk in the back of your car ?
Sounds cool to me :slight_smile: !

Yep…no problem.
Few weeks ago I saw the Conrad book with interesting and cool stuff.
Also a mp3 player with a BIG harddisk…don’t no how much…try

I know the KenWood and Pioneer have an mp3 player for the car…But they dont have a HD u just have to brun all your mp3’s on a cd, Just as mp3 format, and then just play them as normal audioCD’s…I cant remember the price but I think it is about 5000,- Danish krons and that is about 750,- USD

Tanx for the info …

But i haven’t found a distributor in the Netherlands yet …

Any more ideas?

I know that Aiwa also made such a thingie
but again you would have to burn the files
on cd. It costs around FL 750,- I believe…
don’t know for sure.
Should be available in a lot of carsupplies

Yep … i heard the same …

But on the Aiwa website i couldn’t find any info of it.

But i’ll check it out !