MP3 burning



First I am not new to burning audio cds. I just recentyl statrting hsaving these issues & am not exactly sure what will correct it. When I burn a straight audio cd, most of the tracks have a skip/hick-up in more than one portion of the song. Am I writing too fast???

If this seems like a dumb question, sorry in advanced.


Either too fast written or you have used a Nero version with a bugged mp3.dll…


Well, I slowed down the write & used a different Disc, still getting the same problem.

When you say bad mp3.dll with Nero, will I have to reinstall??


Try Burrrn ( It’s free and only burns Audio CDs but does it well. Also try 16x burn speed as a max.


I was buring at 16X, got the same issue. I am going to try a different program.