Mp3 burning software

Hi guys, I was wondering if someone can please reccommend a good mp3 burning software. One where i will be able to burn 60 odd songs onto a single cdr and play in a compatible mp3 player. I was able to do this in nero 6, but have upgraded to version 7 and cannot find a way to acheive this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and i hope this makes sense.

Cheers in advance. :slight_smile:

Burrrn does audio cd’s:

AVS DiscCreator does data CD’s - so you could burn MP3 files to the CD’s:

Both are free.

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I use v6 with the mp3 plug-in, but I understand it is included with v7. You should be able to find it via your “Start Smart”, click the audio symbol, and select “Make mp3 cd”


The screen shot highligthts the “Make Audio CD” option. If you add your MP3 files to the CD, the format will be .CDA and you will never get 60 songs on the disc. If you want to place MP3 format on a CD and preserve that format, you want to make a DATA CD. With a standard length song, you will be able to get about 250 tracks on a CD. Note that only CD players and DVD players that support MP3 will play this.

If you want to convert .CDA to MP3, look at the second screen shot. Contact Nero Sales and ask for the free Lame Encoder. Give them your serial number and add it to your Nero License.

Through a different posting, I just found the encoder (thanks Platinumsword).

CDBurnerXP pro will do an OK job. It’s free. Get it here .

Acoustica MP3 CD burner is very good also but it costs.

Sounds like a good plan to me. I’ve yet to try AVS, but I use Burrrn a lot. :slight_smile:

You also say you’d like to burn loads of mp3s onto a CDR and play it on a player that supports mp3 discs.

In Nero, just create a Data CD and drag your MP3s across. I’ve done this several times in Nero 7 :slight_smile:

From the below URL u can download CD N’ Go suite, an excellent program for convert any kind of file to MP3. It’s freeware, work perfect under XP, I use it, and then YOU can use NERO 7 to burn all mp3 files in a CD like u burn any DATA CD. That’s how i do it. Also u can use RA CODEC from here for better MP3 encoding RA CODEC Just install them to your system and then use them from inside CD N’ GO to convert in various bitrates from 56 kbit to 320 kbit.