Mp3 Burn problem

I have recently had a situation with my cd burner. I have burned a set of mp3 files and wav clips converted to mp3 files. They play on my computer just fine. However, several of the files get burned as 4 seconds of dead air when put onto CD. I can find not reason for this, most of the files can from the same source and are public domain, so they are not any protection that I can find.

I did recently update my Musicmatch Jukebox to version 10.1. Anyone know of problems with the upgrade?

Any Ideas?

Just try BURRRN, its free and good.
Or cdburnerxp.


cdburnerxp worked great!


where do you want to play your burned mp3 files? If on PC, why do not burn mp3 using virtual CD and it is much cheaper than to burn on disc. Maybe , you can try NoteBurer and it will be helpful.

I have had nothing but problems with musicmatch since I upgraded to vs 10. Have gone back to vs 9 and everything working ok again. My only problem with musicmatch is the time it takes to burn a cd with levelizing on. Trying other levelizing programs like mp3gain to work in conjunction with musicmatch 9.