MP3 Automagic CD Cover Creator V0.9 released!

Version 0.9 of MACCC was released on 9/21/03 -
–changed default behavior - doesn’t show dir chooser by default
–can select CANCEL in dir chooser now
–warns you when no output dir is selected
–fixed HTML output so it actually writes the file
–added partial French translation
–new GUI - nicer buttons with icons
–remove CDRLabel .clb support
–added option to display playtime for each MP3
–added option to display size for each MP3
–finished support for new CDRLabel format (I think)
–removed old, ugly buttons from bottom right
–added exit button to bototm right
–fix the repaint problem when rescanning
–moved “remove track #s” so it is not dependent on checking “Use Filename”
–fixed 2 bugs with the CDRLabel (.clbx) format (& and ") - if you find
ANY .clbx file that won’t load in CDRlabel, PLEASE email it to me so I
can fix it.

Give it a try and email me with any feedback (good or bad). Feature requests and bug reports are always welcome.