Mp3 audiobook copy protection

I rip a lot of audiobook’s on cd but now there is a move towards audiobook mp3 bbc america under the name sound library has come up with a way to protect there cd’s from being copied. They are using a combo of bad sectors and open session. A good example of this is Bernard Cornwells new book Lords of the North. I have been using blind write to create a ISO image then extracting the info this has worked fine on a single disk mp3 audiobook cd. but as I have said there second disks are open sessions and have bad sectors. I have these drives on my pent 4 2.8g Lite-On cd-rw sohr-5239v, Lite-On DVD SHD 16P1S ide in a usb box, and a Plextor PX-716A. the two lite-on are toast they will not even read the disk with iso buster were as the plextor will with iso buster all the burning software, nero, blind write , clone cd , and cdrwin will not read the disk from any burner I get as no disk found or read error. Is my problem just bad equipment or bad software or am I screwed.


Welcome Mark,

you already tried ripping the audio tracks using exact audio copy?