MP3 Audio On CD Don't Play In Standalone DVD Player Why?

I own a cheap standalone DVD player, Lynx DVD-941.

The case is: about 60 % of my mp3 CD’s don’t play (the CD’s are correctly burned: they play normally in a PC).

Almost obviously, the trouble is in the format of the mp3 files. I use VBR (variable bit rate) settings. Could it be the trouble?

Welcome. Can you look that up in the manual? I did a quick Google of that model # and didn’t find much. Some general notes: PC DVD & CD burners / players are a lot more fault tolerant than stand alones. A disk can play fine on the PC but might be on a media that your S/A doesn’t like. Recording speed enters into it too. Most S/A like stuff burned at about 16X. And VBR might just be the culprit too. File system could come into play (UDF vs ISO9660 vs Joliet) as could a number of other factors. The manual, as I said, is a good place to start.

Maybe those issued mp3s are in VBR mode (as explained by olyteddy) or they were encoded with “too high” bitrate which the player cannot decode.

My DVD player neither playes MP3, FLAC, nor jpg’s burned to DVDs(weird since it’s a DVD player!). It does play jpg’s on CD-Rs, WAVs. Make sure you CD-R is closed.

[QUOTE=Romphotog;2555294]My DVD player neither playes MP3, FLAC, [B]nor jpg’s burned to DVDs(weird since it’s a DVD player!)[/B]. It does play jpg’s on CD-Rs, WAVs. Make sure you CD-R is closed.[/QUOTE]

A DVD player as by the standard is not supposed to play anything other than standard complying DVD media with standardized structures & content, means VIDEO_TS folder, (not always) AUDIO_TS folder, and the VIDEO_TS folder should hold all the necessary files (*.ifo, *.bup, *.vob).

Check out the dvd (player) specs published via wikipedia etc.

Many DVD playters Do play CDs and MP3-CDs and even MP3-DVDs, but this doesn’t mean or imply that YOURS does…

I don’t use VBR specifically because there are audio playback devices that have issues with VBR.

Philosophically VBR is a way to have your cake and eat it too, in that you get to preserve more quality
in your compressed audio while reducing the required data space,

HOWEVER as storage capacity continues to increase, and the cost of that increased storage continues to drop the point of VBR while still “elegant” to some engineer types, is now pretty much a moot point.

There are those that continue to cling to it, but…

Yeah, true.

I forgot the [B]CDDA[/B], means [B]AudioCD[/B] as per se standard which is also defined to be played back in ANY standard standalone DVD player. :wink: