Mp3 audio enhancement program


Can anyone recommend a program where I can enhance and equalize my mp3 files BEFORE I burn to cd? I download a lot of tunes from winmx and I will not download anything lower than 128kbps. I would like to be able to boost/reduce the highs and lows etc if the file requires it. I use Nero now but there is not much choice as far as presets when it comes to the eq. I end up fiddling with the eq manually of each file over and over. I just cannot seem to get this right. I would like my home made cd’s to sound as good as possible otherwise it’s just not worth it to me. anyone recommend any programs etc ? :rolleyes:

If money is no object go for Cooledit pro, costs around $250 if you prefer not to spend that type of money I can reccomend Goldwave which is excellent and cost only $40.

If all you need to do is normalise your mp3’s try mp3gain that’s a freebie and will normalise mp3s without any loss of quality cos it works directly on the mp3 without decoding and then encoding again.

Hope this helps

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If you like mp3gain and whish to make a donation to the author, click on help/about in the program for instructions on how to do it. :slight_smile: