MP3 audio editor recommendations

Can someone recommend a mp3 audio track editor that can edit mp3’s directly?


Nero Wave Editor can do this for you. I’ve never used it but, I think Audacity can do it also.

Yes, Audacity can edit MP3 files. If you don’t already have MP3 encoder, it will ask you where the dll for the LAME encoder (lame_enc.dll) is located. Point it at the right folder and away you go. (If you don’t have the dll, a quick Google search will find it for you).

MP3 Butcher will edit mp3’s without the need for recompression. If you want to trim or join mp3’s this is the best way to go. It is “shareware.” You don’t have to pay if you re-register every month.

The interface is not pretty, but it is easy to use. The price is just right, free. If you don’t want to re-register once a month, you can pay for it.

Note: You will loose quality each time you decompress and recompress an mp3 with a tool like Audacity. I think this is true of Nero as well.

I don’t know about Audacity but, Nero doesn’t decompress for editing(Well, at least I don’t think it does anyways).

According to the Nero website, Nero Wave Editor stores the data in “nternal reference based audio format (NWE-Files).” This implies to me that the data has been decompressed. It then needs to be recompressed to convert back to mp3.

There are some other mp3 editors that don’t decompress, but MP3 Butcher is the only “free” one I have found.

Sounds like you are right about Audacity - it does recompress. You have to “export as” to create the output file, and it uses LAME to encode.

Has anyone tried a tool called mp3DirectCut?. It is billed as “a non-destructive audio editor and recorder for MP3/2. You can directly cut, copy, paste or change the volume with no need to decompress your files into a pcm format. This saves encoding time and preserves the original audio quality, because absolutely nothing must be re-encoded”.

It is freeware - I’ve never tried it, but it might be worth a go.

Try :iagree:

MP3 Direct Cut is the way to go


The only changes you can make to MP3’s without the necessity to decode-and-reencode are: cutting and volume changes.

I don’t know if Adobe Audacity decodes/recodes to edit.