Mp3 and voice

is there a way to erase the voice off a mp3 ? to keep just the music ?


Most ‘vocal removers’,hardware and software, to date can’t really remove the vocal without taking some other instruments with them. The key is how the
music was recorded. I have a Sony CDP-K1A,which on some cds takes the vocal away,but the remainder of the recording suffers,but again ,it’s the way it was recorded . It seems to take away the vocal without removing anything else would be nothing but a digital miracle…:cool:

any sound that falls in the frequency bandwidth that the human voice is in, will be removed as well :(. without the original music, with all sounds in separate samples, the recording will always suffer.

if you can recreate the sounds that are edited out, however, from other samples within the song, more power to you.

found some information from the audacity homepage -

With some stereo recordings, it is possible to remove the vocals because of the way in which the recording was mixed at the studio. Often, the vocals are placed in the exact center of the recording, while all other instruments are slightly off-center. If you subtract the right channel from the left channel, the vocals get completely canceled out, leaving only the other instruments.

i have not tried it with audacity, but as it is freeware, maybe it will work for you? if not, no harm done.