MP3 48khz + 44.1khz --> WMA



Ok this is a pretty simple one really afaik
ive got a whole heap of MP3’s and want to convert them into WMA’s

The problem is that some of the mp3’s are 48khz and some are 44.1khz (i think some are 22 but that doesnt matter). So when i load all these MP3’s into a converter program and convert them to WMA 64kbs 44.1khz the Mp3’s that were at 44.1khz are fine. The ones at 48khz are not. they run slower and thus sound rubbish.

So i guess what i would like to know is whether anyone knows of any programs that will allow me to convert all these MP3’s without any issues occuring or any workarounds.
Many thanks for any ideas guys! :slight_smile:

#2 has the encoders/decoders. I suggest to decode/recode the 48 kHz files separately with the new sample rate.


No worries man
After hours of messing about with different programs i found Advanced WMA Encoder Decoder that lets me convert a whole load of mp3’s with different sampling rates straight into WMA

Job Done :smiley: