Mp3 2 my mobile?

i have a Motorola that can play polyphonic ringtones. i have some mp3 files that i would like to put on them as ringtones. is there a program that can convert them to a format that is compatible? and i dont know how to send it to the mobile after that.

i would prefer an all-free method. thanks

What file-format does the mobile phone read? Or are the polyphonic ringtones just there, originally incorporated into the phone, leaving you to guess.

Oh yea, what phone model do you have???

This would be better asked in the Audio Forum, I suspect you will get an answer more swiftly there. Don’t worry a mod will move it for you. :slight_smile:

The phone model is a Motorola E365. i dont know what format though…is there a site to find out?

but i have downloaded one ringtone off the net ($10!) and i think that was in .midi format…

midi is common for phones to recognize, I can’t believe it skipped my mind. Even if you did convert an mp3 into a midi, then how would you transfer it into the phone. Do you have a data cable (USB or otherwise) or does the website let you upload custom tones to then download to your phone. Getting a data cable would be cheaper in the long run if you plan to download much.

I will double check converting into midi, as I remember it was several steps and some of the mp3 parts are lost - just beware.

[update] seems like this will do it for ya:

i dont think i have the USB thing…and i dont know if i can send it via a site. can i send it through a MMS or something?

This you would have to look up, unless someone on the boards here has your exact same phone model and happens to know. I bought a USB adapter to one of my old cell phones through ebay, they are quite cheap via auction. I do not know how if not by a website and not by direct cable transfer to prot any converted music you would make then. I would suggest you investigate a means of transfer first, before wasting time making the perfect tone compilation you won’t be able to use later on.

I too have a Moto…after talking to technical support, they say there is no software to do this yet. I have a cable as well as the phone drivers (it acts as a wireless modem), but that’s it.

It really sucks too…sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys should call customer service for whoever your provdor is and complain. I noticed when you complain, especially when having a legitimate case, sometimes you are offered special promotions or added talk time. One time my carrier was SprintPCS (long time ago) and I used to look for things to complain about almost on a regular monthly basis. Almost every single time their response was “we are sorry to have inconvenienced you, would you like to have 50 complimentary minutes added this month for your troubles” and I would in a seemingly pouting fashion accept.

Just a heads up, dosn’t hurt to try.

Hmm, a software request (didn’t know we did that kinda thing anylonger :bigsmile: ), goes in General Software methinks… :slight_smile:

i use sprintpcs - and i used to have loads of sites that had free ringtones. the site would then send the ringtone directly to your fone, so that only the data transfer fees would apply. lemme google for awhile here… sounds right off the top of my head though. ill edit this soon.

k, is great. mmmm good. it has tools for about everything :smiley:

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