MP2 - unable to edit w/Premiere pro



I am having trouble with my Premiere Pro (exactly as the title says). I can edit other types of video formats in a breeze.

Can demo’s of Pinnacle do this? I post video’s online and have come across this option I am unable to solve.

Also are there any programs recommended for this? (other than Premiere Pro?, any dedicated Mp2 editors)


Mp2 is (usually) audio, not video…are you positive it’s a video file?


Yes. because when I play them in windows media player, they play as video files.


A quick search on google confirms what mp2 are indeed video files, and google shows multiple software which can be used to convert these files to other file types. Make sure you google for .mp2. You may find a software that will edit these, but the best bet is to convert them to a format the the usual softwares can handle, such as wav, mpeg2, avi, etc…


try with mainconcept plugin for premiere pro, it will work…