MP and the Holy Grail Backup--audio question

I’m using DVDshrink, and I notice that among the audio streams are three or four English ones that appear to be exactly the same size (135 MB) as well as the 5.1 stream (which is over 300 MB). Are the multiple instances of the smaller stream just filler to take up more room on the disk, and can I safely deselect all but one of them before ripping the DVD to a folder?

(Of course I removed the French audio stream, what’s the point of Monty Python in French.)

Unless you already know they’re the same by listening to them I’d guess that one is stereo English and the other is director’s commentary.

Thanks, but how would one listen to them-- what program would be needed?

with the audio button on your dvd remote.

When you are in shrink deciding which parts to keep, play the movie in the preview window. Right click on the window and it allows you to select each of the diff audio tracks.
You will then be able to tell which is movie + which is commentary…