MP 610 Problem with White ring around the outside perimeter of DVD

I have had this printer for over a year and love it. I recently have had trouble with printing DVDs. I have used the same DVDs and software for ages. I use CD label Print. Its every image that I try to print to DVD.

CDLabelPrint is limited to 118mm OD. Some media (you don’t state what you have) has a printable surface out to 119 or even 120mm. Glossy media has a white area that is larger than the printable area.

It would also be helpful to know what your current OD and ID settings are.

I use the SureThing CD labelling software with my Canon. IP4500. Not sure if there is a trial version, as mine is paid for, but its a great piece of software.

This allows me to pretty much print wherever on the disc. I have created templetes for the differing disc types and It works really well.

It’s verbatim DVD-R. I have always used 118 and it has worked flawlessly. I have used this media none stop. Why has it changed?

Also does SureThing CD labelling software print to 119 or more? I’m just not sure why this would happen all of a sudden.

Verbatim has pretty much all been 119mm that I know of. Yes, SureThing can print to 119.

Ok I tried Acoutica Cd label maker and did print to 119. It worked but it printed on the way outside also. On the none printable area. I was able to wipe of ink with my fingers.