MP 3 Processing Help ! AC3 Codec to MPEG Audio Layer?


Sorry to bother you but I really need some help here as I’m stumped. :doh:

I recently obtained some MP3 DVDs with many collection Cds ripped to MP3s. The DVDs all play fine on my PC but when I try to make CD sized versions (after copying all of the Files to my Hard Drive) they play fine on the PC, but gives me an error code on my JVC Car unit almost like some of the files are write protected, or format not supported :sad: (According to the JVC Manual that’s what the error code means. This unit doesn’t play MP3 DVDs :disagree: that’s why I’m burning Cds :iagree: ) .

It’s weird as over half (7 of 13 MP3 Cds) of the Cds play fine but 6 of the Classic Rock MP3 CDs all play the first File in each Folder (each folder is a complete CD - there are about 10 Folders -Cds on each disk) but the remaining files all come up as file format not supported (protected??).

I think it’s something to do with the codec used to decode the original files (from the CDs). According to Windows Media Player :frowning: , the first files all seem to be MPEG Audio Layer-3 @ 160Kbps, but from the second tune on - in each folder - they’ve used an MP3 AC3 codec of some sort. (Which I don’t think the JVC Head unit can support.)

Any idea on what software to use to convert these MP3 AC3 encoded files to regular MPEG Audio Layer 3? I’ve tried Nero but it will only load the “good” MP3 file and gives me an error on all the rest. It would be great to batch convert them rather than individually but for now I’d try anything you know that works. :smiley:

Thanks for the assist. :clap:

I have never heard of a “MP3 AC3” codec. Maybe it is just a simple AC3 file, in which case you can use foobar2000 to convert to a normal MP3, then try burning to CD.


Here are a couple screen shots taken from inside Media Player that show the different codecs. (I’ve never heard of Foobar 2000 :doh: but I’ll go looking for it.)

I wonder if anyone else has seen this before? :confused:

I see your using Nero.
Have a look here :
There is a ac3 nero plugin.
Maybe it will help you.

Thanks for the Tip but I’ve got all of these Nero Plugins already and Nero gives me an error :a on these “AC3 Filter” MP3 files when I try to Encode the files to regular MP3 using the Lame Encoder.

I did download the Codec but so far it doesn’t allow the conversion either. After I post this I’ll re-boot and try again to see if that helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’m going in the wrong direction :doh: . Here are some screen shots of the Encoders and Decoders available in Nero 6 from my Box.

But maybe it’s a “Convertor” that’s needed. The only one installed is the standard “Ahead RAW Audio Convertor” and maybe it can’t handle the AC3 filter?? :eek: .

Or maybe it’s only that the files are somehow copywright protected and I just can’t see it :frowning: . I wish I knew the answer to this puzzle :sad: