Mozilla wants to collect sensitive data from visitors using 'differential privacy'

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Mozilla plans to collect data from Firefox users so their products teams can better analyze how the browser is used. According to Mozilla’s senior software engineer Georg Fritzsche, their products teams frequently ask for sensitive data, such as which websites Firefox users visit and how features on websites perform. The developer claims the data collection should improve the user experience.

And Mozilla continues in their quest to make a second rate copy of Chrome. They have forgotten the original purpose of the browser, to be a different choice, something that fits the individual rather than some corporation’s interests.

When they get rid of the customization options through the XUL addons they are going to see a huge drop in use. I hate to say it, but good…they don’t deserve loyalty from users who have using this browser for a decade and more.

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Can’t seem to remove their “Foot in Mouth” Disease faster then it can rot. Going this route is the fastest way to kill FireFox and insure it falls farther and farther behind Chrome.