Mozilla to automatically upgrade 32-bit of Firefox to 64-bit version because of less crashes and better security

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Users who download Firefox using a 64-bit Windows version, now automatically receive the 64-bit version of the browser, which is safer than the 32-bit version, Mozilla today announced. The 64-bit version has all kinds of security advantages, according to the browser developer.

Problem here is there are no 64 bit version of plugs that I use so there is no way I will just marry-ling go 64 bit. Until plugins are all 64bit forget 64bit Mozilla.

In other words, Mozilla has been so busy bloating Firefox with extra features nobody actually wants, they’ve suddenly become completely incapable of maintaining a 32-bit version of their browser. I’ll bet that sometime within the next 6 months, they’ll announce the end of 32-bit builds altogether. It’s sad that Firefox as we once knew it has all but died.

Hopefully not since there is no real 64bit plugin support that will be a end all and kill all for FireFox if they go that route and Chrome would be the goto Browser. And I doubt Mozilla will want that to happen if they are smart about it. Mine isn’t stable but failed plugin is the problem that will make a Browser less useful to the user. Crashes less because 32bit plugin don’t work on the 64 Browser go figure that Mozilla - that doesn’t take a Genius to figure that out. I can run 64 Browser on Windows 10x64 Pro already when I want to not when you want me to and since it doesn’t support 32bit Plugin why should I use it? There is no real good reason and using “stable” is a shot in the dark here.

With Firefox 57 only WebExtensions are allowed in Firefox. WebExtensions are multi-process compatible.

Have yet to hear from plugin makers that they will support 64 bit Firefox and not until I hear from that community say so FFx64 won’t go far fast.