Mozilla to automatically block autoplay videos with sound from Firefox 66


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A new feature in Mozilla Firefox will block automatically playing videos with sound. With the new functionality, the browser developer hopes to get rid of an annoyance of many internet users. The new feature will be introduced in Firefox 66 for both PC and Mac.


Good, I am glad to see this.


Hm, my old AddOn “” for FF is also nice :slight_smile:


This one caught me by surprise a few weeks ago when YouTube videos would no longer automatically start. I’m on the beta-update channel, so ended up with Firefox 66 not realising about this. There is an option to except the current site, which I did for YouTube and now videos automatically start as before on YouTube.

It’s certainly a great feature. I often open news stories across many tabs to read later and it’s rather annoying when a tab in the background starts playing noisy ads out of the blue, especially if I happen to be in the loo and the speakers were turned up. :confounded:

I still remember the 1990s when it was common for websites to have midi files playing in the background.


I’ve had similar-ish fuctionality for years. I never liked videos that auto-play, so over the years, I’ve used various addons to prevent this. (This was especially valuable back in the days when there were Flash Player-based ads everywhere, since Flash Player was such a performance hog.)

These days, I like to just have GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey scripts, as they can work on a variety of browsers. Here’s a few you can use: HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker and AutoPlay Disabled for HTML5 Videos + Pause on Switch Tab (that’s quite a wordy title).

I’d like to point out that I haven’t tried either of those scripts, and only found them just now while looking for the link to script I usually use: Simple Video Audio Blocker.

It’s nice having options, isn’t it? Heck, there are probably even more out there, if one wants to look.

Of course, regardless of the availability of scripts, it’s nice that Mozilla is building those directly features into Firefox, allowing users to take advantage of them out-of-the-box.